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Ibiza’s history and location is reflected in its gastronomy. Fish and shellfish are the mainstay in the restaurants in Ibiza serving traditional dishes of the island. Local menus use bacalao (cod), merluza (hake), emperador (swordfish), and lenguado (sole), as well as delicious white fish not often found in other countries, like denton, sirvia (amberjack) and the delicate tasting dorada (sea bream), often baked in salt.
Meat also features on local menus, chicken and lamb are popular in hearty stews and sausages like sobrasada and butifarra complement the local culinary offerings of Ibiza
Traditional Spanish dishes are also in abundance on a typical Ibizan menu. All the staple Spanish classics like gazpacho (cold tomato and pepper soup) and paella are widely available all over the island.
Some local specialities:
Paella (based on seafood and occasionally meat with rice and saffron slow cooked in their own juices)
Guisat de peix (stew of fish with potatoes )
Sofrit pagès (stew made with lamb and chicken, with delicious local sausages ‘Sobrasada’ and ‘Butifarra’, whole sweet garlics, peppers & potatoes, all vaporized in their own rich juices and sauteed with cinnamon, parsley & saffron).
Borrida de Rajada (freshly skate baked with almonds).
Flaó (cake made with fresh cheese, eggs, sugar and mint).

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