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Besides its rich cuisine, Ibiza boasts a wide range of desserts and sweets very attractive and suggestive. In this post, we present the most characteristic in the traditional cuisine of Ibiza.

– Flaó: The star of the desserts in the cuisine of Ibiza. An exquisite cheese cake with biscuit base, mild flavor and a touch of mint. It is served after the meal or as snack.
– Greixonera: Sort of pudding with bread or buns, eggs, milk and cinnamon.
– Macarrons de Sant Joan: Just like rice pudding, is a spiral pasta cooked in milk and cinnamon. Eaten in San Juan.
– Xereques: Delicious sun dried figs with frígola (thyme). Is used to save in a huge container called eufàbia, they are very precious and expensive.
– Orelletes: a cake made of flour, eggs and anise, traditionally served at weddings and other events such as a communion or baptism.

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